What you should know about planning your network and servers

So your business has grown and you need a server. Without a doubt, there are questions you will have about what type of server to buy, how to build the network, what capabilities will you need and how much to spend. Computer Care SC specializes in all aspects of IT server and network installation services and deployment services for businesses in South Carolina. Servers provide a secure and convenient place for your data, making them very much worth the thought.

Consider installing VPN with restricted access so the proper users can have access to their computers and data from anywhere, anytime

Our server and network expertise includes:

Server installation / upgrade / migration
Server management and maintenance through our Managed IT Services
Microsoft servers
Virtual servers and exchange server
Server hardware and software upgrades
Database installation
Business / home server setup
Server and network security
Server/network to cloud migration
Server backup, repair, restore, disaster recover 


Control all aspects of security along with access and restrictions to your networks, servers, computers and data (e.g., firewall, antivirus, anti-spyware, web and data security)


Ensure your network is well-connected and has simultaneous access to printers/copiers, computers, email, applications, wireless devices through routers, switches and other network equipment and edge devices

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